Alessio Cavatore Has Left Games Workshop

It looks like Alessio Cavatore left Games Workshop last Friday. Here is a post from Dakka with some of the details.

It looks like this was more of Alessio leaving the company than he was fired. He has a startup game company - River Horse Games - that he has been working on since about 2008. 

Alessio was involved in many of the previous Warhammer Fantasy edition books (Skaven and Vampire Counts) and had a major hand in the 40k 5th edtion rulest and some of the 40k books that came out right before and after the 5th edition rules set (Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines).

It is speculated that a member of White Dwarf will move over to fill the vacant slot and it seems that I read something in the Blood Angels White Dwarf that said one of their members was moving over. Looks like this change might have been in the work for some time.

There is also some speculation that there will be some more movement in the games development team. With the rumored move of Games Workshop North American Headquarters to Memphis and the fact that the head honcho from the UK has relocated to Baltimore for a while it looks like there might be some more changes coming.