Winged Nurgle Sorceror - The Old Death - Finished

Three months back when I first posted about a model that I was very excited to start working on - The Old Death from Enigma Miniatures Massive Darkness line.

Since then this model had sat neglected in my box of projects until I started my big push to finish up all of my outstanding projects.

I wanted to use this model as a winged Nurgle Sorceror so I decided to paint him using a very dull palette. I primed the model black and then went over that with a flat grey primer. From there I painted the robes with Catachan Green. I dry brushed the wings with Fortress Grey and then a mix of Fortress Grey/Skull White. For the metal I used Dwarf Bronze since it looks really neat with a layer of Devlan Mud over it. I picked out any bone with Bleached Bone and then heavily washed the whole model with Devlan Mud.

After that i went back and picked out a few places of the bone with Skull White and added a very few highlights to the metal using more Dwarf Bronze.

Once this was complete I started on the base. I wanted this model to have a special base since it is such an awesome sculpt. I am a fan of scenic resin bases and I settled on using the Bloodbath Floor resin base, also from Enigma.

I was a bit concerned about using this base in with my Warhammer 40k bases since it is round lipped but once I got it all together and painted I wasn't worried any more. This base is just really amazing. I really like the way that it has a sense of depth.

I painted this using Scab Red, Blood Red, and Red Gore. I then picked out a few of the chunks floating around using Bleached Bone and Rotting Flesh. Once that was done I sealed the model and then went over the blood with a nice layer of 'Ard Coat to make the blood shine.