Traitor Guard Chimera #5: The Eyes Have It

Another day, another chimera in the mechanized expansion. Only an army filled with chimeras is fit for unmasking the false emperor. For this chimera I was set on giving it a big glaring eye in the back. I look at my chimeras as a chance to give my army some character and i definitely don't want them to look similar.

I sat out by building the standard chimera but turned the guns around backward in the sockets to make the round piece visible only. I planned on turning these into smaller eyes after green stuffing some nurgley parts around them. Then I sat about the house looking through my wife's plants and odds and ends. I was on a quest for a suitably oval shaped rock, marble or some sort of bauble. Finally I found the piece I was looking for in a small planter filled with rocks adorning the back of our spare toilet. The rock was requisitioned by the chaos warlords and turned side ways in the back of the chimera. The wife was none the wiser.

Once the rock had glued down with some plasticard bracing inside the tank, I began giving the chimera the needed buboes, boils, hives, warts and disgusting bits. I wasn't too careful with how I applied them since I wanted this part to look nurglish. Finally I took a thin piece of green stuff and put on eye lids over each eye. This was the trickiest part as I am not too used to working with very thin sheets of green stuff.

Here is the finished green stuff chimera awaiting paint. Hopefully the paint will make the rock look more like an eye!