Incoming - New Deff Dread Revealed!

GW has some pics of the new Deff Dread assembled and painted as well as some shots of the sprue -

This kit just looks absolutely amazing. I mean seriously - compare this to the old model ->

Yeah, the old model may have 'character' or something, but the new one just looks slick. I am now really glad that I have held off on buying any of these for my Orks. I am sure that this kit will make me field a few of em.

Looking at the spure it also appears that there are quite a few bits packed in there. If this is like any of the other Ork kits there will be TONS of bits left over for convertin in other places.


Looks like the new Killa Kans are up for preorder now as well! Really makes me want to add some walkers into my Orks.

At $45 for a box of 3 these guys are a steal. That is only $15 a pop! Looks like a price drop for once compared to the old price of $20 for a metal Killa Kan.