The Great Cleanup

I am sure that a bunch of you out there reading this have ran into the same problem that I have - you want to start a new project but already have a ton of them sitting unfinished. After finishing up my Ogre army and wanting to start another Fantasy army I decided that I would complete all my unfinished projects before I buy anything else. This didn't seem to be too daunting a task until I dug out all of my unfinished models and unopened boxes and saw what I had laying around.

I have about 60 Orks, 60 Guardsmen, 4 Ork Vehicles, an unpainted Stompa, a few Bloodletters, one unassembled Drop Pod, one basecoated Drop Pod, and about 60 models that need to be based. Oh yeah, and a Necron Phalanx box. This puts the total number of unfinished models at around 250 troops plus 7 vehicles.

This seems like a really daunting task but I have been making some amazing progress over the last few days. Last night I painted up 10 Orks, a resin base, and assembled a Monolith. This morning before work I primed the Monolith and base coated a Fenryll Plague Daemon that I am going to be using as a Nurgle Daemon Prince. I am not sure how long it is going to take me to finish all this but I am really enjoying painting. I don't have a deadline since my armies are done so I can just focus on cranking out the models and moving on.

It has been very liberating to just work on the models. I am not super worried about detail on these guys. Most all of them are getting the basecoat, pick out a few details with solid colors, and then wash with Devlan Mud or Badab Black treatment so they looking pretty good for the amount of time invested.

I will keep you updated on how this goes and let you know if I get burnt out on it. My current plan is to have everything done by the end of the month. This might be too lofty a goal but only time will tell.