Death Korps of Krieg part 2

After an abundance of painting and modeling ADD one of the large tournaments I attend every year has snuck up on me. Last year I had the honor of winning Best Painted with my renaissance marines. Not wanting to return with the same army I had decided I would return next year with a DKoK army. Well the deadline is fast approaching and so far I've assembled 7 Dkok's and 1 Commissar lord on a horse. (which I can't even field) So now its crunch time. I've assembled one Manticore and one Vendetta for my army coming up. The Manticore is what the worthless whirlwind should be. A limited number of templates of death wrecking havoc on low to mid armored infantry. I'll have enough 1 shot wonder guns in my list for the heavy infantry and vehicles. What I'm lacking is something to deal with 180 boyz or gaunts. The Manticore will fit this goal nicely and if there isn't any light infantry her str 10 ordinance can be thrown at vehicles with decent enough results. The Vendetta is just all around good for 130 points. 3 TL lascannons, fast, transport, cool looking. I have a feeling I'll be adding a couple more of these before I'm done.