Tyranids in Review - Intro

Greetings all, Big Al here.

Some of you may know that I had my third daughter 12 days ago. Two was so fun, we had to have three. In staying home for the last few days to help out, I have had time between feedings and diaper changes to read my new nid codex and formulate some thoughts. As a pretty devout nid player (last 6 years), I have seen several codex iterations. I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions of the new codex. Take it for what it's worth (my opinion and not absolute).

Overall impressions:
  1. I hate to admit it but I think the cost of the MC is more inline with what it should be. It was a little abusive to be able to drop a carnifex on the table for 113 points in 4th. While there are more MC options in 5th, Robin has done his best to persuade you to use other things, which I will talk about later.
  2. As much as I liked not fearing ID, loss of immunity to ID and limiting 2+ saves also is in line with what nids should be at a high level view - more of a horde and not a team of tanks. You can't have it all and this has to be done given some of the other benefits we are getting.
  3. Several units were either thrust forward or beat down to get us all to buy the new pretty figs. I work in retail and I know GW has to make a profit, but this is a serious pet peeve of mine (and many others). I will illustrate this more later.
  4. The army now has serious deep strike/outflank/reserve potential. In 4th, only 9 units could DS or OF. In 5th, that number is now 25! This means you will see a more tactically flexible nid army vs. a consistent foot slogger army with limited DS/OF threat.
  5. Instinctive behavior changed for the better. In 4th, a unit that reverted to IB broke and had to flee toward synapse. Now they don't break (instead shooting/moving to cover or gain rage) and the effect lasts for only one turn at a time.
  6. Nids got more psychic and some of them aren't half bad. There are some interesting synergies that can be created.
  7. Nid shooting, although not stunning, will cause pain if a person builds an army around it. I liken it to orks. While they don't excel at it, it can surprise you if you underestimate it or take it for granted.
  8. Nid close combat remains the focal point. What fun is a model with claws and teeth and talons and spines and drool if they stand back and shoot at you anyway? As a whole, nid cc got better with scything talon rerolls, furious charge and poison attacks available to almost everyone. Rending is still in there as much as ever, which I was pleased to see.
  9. It will involve me making some changes to my current list and I imagine I will have to take the hobby knife to some beloved models to keep them competitive, but overall I am pleased with the new codex. Serious playtesting may prove otherwise, but I give it a B+.
Over the next several days, I will review the different FOC units highlighting their pros and cons. Until then, back to building my scratch built mycetic spores (nid drop pods) and having a conversation with my tyrants about getting joint replacement surgery (magnets)!