Conversion - Tervigon

In my break from the Space Marines this previous weekend I decided to convert up a couple of Tervigon's for my fledgling Hive Fleet.

I went a little bit different on what I used for my conversion than what I have heard people using. The most common conversion that I have heard of people doing so far is using the Trygon torso with the Carnifex legs a tail. This just seemed to expensive to me so I decided to go a different way.

I picked up a pair of Carnifex's and got to work. The first thing I did was assemble the torso carapace and the legs. Once these two pieces were together I started playing around with how I could build a big egg sac carrying alien monstrosity.

Since I didn't want this just looking like a Carnifex wtih an egg sack I had to do something about it's posture. I decided to flip the torso upside down and glue the legs into the head socket and the head into the legs socket.

This gave me just the profile I was looking for. Since the Tervigon attacks with teeth and claws I wasn't too concered about it's arms. I decided to make the bottom pair of arms holding the egg sac.

Once all this was glued in place and dried I broke out the Great Stuff and got to work -

The Secret Ingredient

Behold the Egg Sac!

So here it is after I gently and delicately applied the expanding foam to its body. Getting the foam on there was a mess. I strongly reccomend eye glasses and gloves. Even with gloves my hands got sticky. The process involved spraying out a big glob and then working it into the right shape with a paintbrush and stick. It took some doing and made a huge mess but I was pretty happy with the outcome but not thrilled. After I let it dry I decided that I didn't like it and repeated the process. And you know what they say - the third times a charm so I pulled it all off and refoamed it a third time. So what you see above is the third time I applied foam to this model. It ended up being a bit messier on the model than I watned but I was happy with it in the end.

The pose I was going for was it reaered up on it's back legs protecting it's egg sac. I feel that I got pretty close on this. The only part that I am a bit disappointed with is that the egg sac is just so huge. It really got away from me. I wasn't sure about how well I was going to like this model so I wanted to get some paint on it as fast as I could.

Here are a couple of shots of the guy painted up and dipped. I am waiting on sealing the model with matte sealer until I decide on what bases I am going to be using.

Here is an interesing effect that came about from me spraying and ripping off the sac a few times -

It basically made a type of striated webbing under one of the arms. I wish I could figure out how to replicate this effect easily because I really like it. Might have to do some testing on a dummy model.

This conversion was a ton of fun and was more messy than it was difficult. I have already modeled up the second Tervigon and am much happier with how the egg sac turned out. I should have some pictures of it up later in the week.