TMP Metals

TMP = True Metallic Paint

Always reading the blogs and things those zany golden demons guys are doing trying to hone my skills I ran across this article. This guys has won more demons than you can shake a stick at and is my second favorite painter of all time. Not wanting to waste any time trying this method I found a model lying around that was already assembled just waiting to be painted. It was a be'lakor fantasy warriors of chaos model from the special game setting a couple years back 'Storm of Chaos'. I was going to run him as a demon prince in my 40k all khorne chaos demons army. I removed the wings and green stuffed them in sculpting the spiny stuff on his back. Mounted him on a 60mm base (the 40mm bases are way to small for princes in my humble opinion) threw down some quark and sands and pebbles and he was ready to go. After priming and painting all the leathery red skin I went straight to the techniques I had wanted to learn. The old way I painted metals was gunbolt silver, badab black, mithril silver highlights, badab black done! This was an easy and fast way to make decent looking metals for smaller bits like bolters and trinkets. After trying TMP I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the results and I will be painting all metals like this in the future. (for armies I'm gunning for paint awards anyways :P ) I prefer this over the NMM because while NMM is absolutely stunning and the techniques and time that go into it is beautiful it lacks one thing. That's realism. This looks better than most ways I've seen to paint metals and still retains the realism of metals. I mean a golden demon guy uses it after all...

Here is my first attempt at it. Gold plate armor and his sword.