Down to the Wire - Sooiepalooza 2010 Army Prep

I have been swamped this week trying to get my Ogre army ready for Sooiepalooza this weekend. I pretty much had everything ready to go except for finishing up 12 Ogre Bulls, Three Yeti, Two Man-Eaters, 12 Gnoblar Trappers, and all the movement trays. So maybe I had a bit more to do than I realized.

Finishing up the twelve remaining Ogre Bulls was pretty easy. I started on them last week and would crank out three a night. I then finished up the Maneaters. Over the weekend I painted the Gnoblar Trappers. This week I started in on the bases and the Yeti. As of Wednesday night I had all the bases done and the Yeti's assembled and primed. I also put together the movement trays and primed them black.

Last night I finished up the Yetis and put the static grass on all of the bases that still need it. So as of about 11:00pm last night my Ogre army is officially finished - until I decide to add some more units any way. All I need now is for the weather to cooperate and I am off to my first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament in nine years. Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it!