Finally Finished, Wolf Lord

Howdy folks! Well, I finally finished my Canis model, which I run as a Wolf Lord. While the wolf was an incredible pain (read as “thick fur sucks”) the rest of the model was pretty straight-forward. I decided to make him white-haired to emphasize his age. I also liked the red the GW studio model had on its Wolf Claw, so I kept that. I decided to arm him with one Wolf Claw and a Storm Shield, so I cannibalized the SS from the Space Wolf Terminators box. It took a little bit of work to shave down the shoulder pad to fit it under the cloak. I decided to replace the right arm because I liked the skull on the left shoulder pad and because I would have been more likely to mess up the tweaking that would need to be done for the left shoulder pad, which is about half normal size. Lastly, I decided that since ‘Nids were coming out so soon it was only fitting to have my Wolf Lord slicing one up. I cut the genestealer into four neat pieces, reasoning that the wolf claw would make smooth, clean cuts. For the blood, I painted pools on the base and the exposed innards section of the genestealer using DA Green, Snot Green, and Goblin Green. The lightening of the green blood was meant to show how the outer edges of the pools were congealing. After I added the snow, I went back and dripped Thraka Green over the pools to stain the snow with the vile xenos’s blood. As an aside, in painting the genestealer’s test model, I found that I actually enjoyed it, so that will likely be my next army.

In running this model, I’ve armed him as such: Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Runic Armour, Wolf Tooth Necklace, and Saga of Majesty. This is the build I’ve found to be the most effective. It is a bit pricey, but it’s murder in combat. I run it with a unit of four TW Cavalry, which I’ll discuss further at some later date. With Ld 10, the Saga of Majesty prevents any annoying breaks when your opponent finally manages to down a TW or 2. Usually, I’ll run him with the TW up until we close with the enemy. Then I’ll break him off on his own, within 6” of the TW so that they can still use SoM. He’ll eat any standard unit, wounding and hitting on 3’s against SM and re-rolling one of those. He also does well against tougher units as wounding T5 is difficult. Once he’s in CC, he’s tough to get rid of, but shooting, especially IG shooting (stupid WildEyed), will put him down rather quickly if he gets stranded. The 2+/3+ inv. is a must in my opinion, especially the invulnerable. I didn’t have one the first time I used him, and I paid for it. You can use a Belt of Russ and change to a Frost Axe to get another attack, but I think the 3+ is worth it, and the re-rolls with the WC are invaluable. I usually re-roll the attacks, as I’m almost always wounding on 3+.

Eventually, I’m going to try him as a WGBL with Saga of the Hunter so that I can Outflank with him. I don’t like the loss of the wound, but this guy crashing into your flanks late in the game would be brutal. I guess that’s it for now.