Chaos Warriors Build Up (sigh)

Big D has forced my hand.  He needs an opponent to play fantasy against.  So I am obliging him and building a nurlgesque Chaos Warrios army.  Why warriors?  So that I can crank them out.  They are inexpensive to buy, a small army to build and paint, they are great with dark quick colors and they are not a bottom tier army.  My plan is to make use of spray paints (Krylon) and then to dip them for a quick fix.  I don't care that they won't be pretty, but they will certainly be table top quality.  I have other 40k armies for pretty!

I built up the warriors and knights (some obtained off evilbay) and then sprayed them with black primer and sprayed them with Krylon plastic fusions spray paint.  This gives me a nice dark green color to work up from.  I will pick out another nasty green color to hit them with next to give some quick texture before adding a basecoat.  Watch here for more to come!