Tyranid Rumor Roundup

Here is the most comprehensive Tyranid Rumor Roundup that I have come across so far. Take it with a grain of salt, albeit a small one as I keep seeing most of these rumors in different places.

Tyranid army special rules:
- Synapse creature is pretty much the same except, and I cannot stretch this enough, NO more eternal warrior. And before you ask: No. nowhere. Not on Genestealers, not on Hive Tyrants not on Trygons NOWHERE
- there are no Nob Biker like wound groups for Tyranids. Squads all need to take most weapon and morphes or none
- Instinctive behavior is split into 2 classes of Tyranids:
Lurkers: instantly take cover and shoot at the next target when they fail their check
Hunters: get the "blood lust" rule from the rulebook (always move and assault next enemy)
- Tyranids don't suffer normal warp attacks when rolling 11 or 66 on Psychic powers
- Tyranids never have additional close combat weapons, their profile is all they get

(all weapons are assault so I'm not gonna mention that every time), I may have missed one or two simply because there are to many ^^

Venom Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the tank damage chart

Heavy Venom Cannon:
R 48 S 9 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the tank damage chart

Barbed Strangler:
R 24 S 4 AP 6 Assault 1 Large Blast

Stranglethorn Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Large Blast

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault 1

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault X (X= Number of Attacks), always twinlinked

Sting blaster:
R 12 S 5 AP - Assault 1

Spike blaster
R 18 S5 AP 5 Assaukt 4

Someother weirs sounding weapon:
R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 2

Texorin Bugs:
3 fire modes, may be fired additionally to all oter weapons
R Flaming S * AP - Assault 1, allways wounds on 2+ against non Tanks
R Flaming S 5 AP 5 Assault 1
R Flaming S 3 AP 6 Assault 1, rending

Death blasters:
R 18 S 5 AP 5 explosive


Toxin Sacs:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains poison attacks (4+)

Adrenal Gland:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains Furious Charge

Spore launcher:
Grants Frag grenades (only bigbugs)

To wound rolls of 6 cause the loss of all wounds instead of one

Felsh hooks:
Weapon R 6 S 5 AP - Assault 2

All kinds of Chitin stuff:
Ranging from 6+ Armor save to 2+

Toxic blood:
When this model loses a wound in melee the model that caused the wound must stand an I check or lose a wound with no AS allowed, tanks are hit on 4+ with a glancing hit

Toxic miasma:
All enemy units in CC range with this model must take a T check or lose one wound with normal AS (Eldar don't scream huray any more :P)

All enemy units in CC wit this model have I 1

A model losing a wound by a horn sword must pass an LD test or is killed outright. If the wound was caused by a pair of horn swords he must use 3D6 for the check

Scything talons:
Models with scything claws may reroll 1s to hit, models wit a pair may reroll all to hit rolls

Rending claws:
give rending rule in CC

Crushing Claws:
Give +D3 attacks and lower own I to 1

At the start of each turn the model recovers a wound on a 6

Model flies

Hive Tyrant - 160pt – 170pt (base)
- has WS 8
- Old profiles
- No ward save as far as I recall
- Shadows of warp: All psychers using their powers within 12 must roll 3D6, double 6 or 1 still result in an attack from the warp
- comes with scyting claws and can equip about any weapon and morph in the book
- may have two of the following psychic powers for free:
The Horror: One enemy unit within 18 must take a panic test
Life leech: R 18 unit recives D3 S 3 hits no AS, hive regains one wound for every lost wound caused this way
warp scream: R 12 enemy units WS and BS is reduced to 1 for 1 round
Dominate: Hive tyrants synapse range is 18 inches for one round
- May buy any number of these abilities for some points:
Unspeakable Horror: Units wishing to charge or shoot at the hive must pass an LD check or........ well Not shoot/attack
Vicious mind: A core unit may flank and you get +1 to all reserve rolls
Ancient enemy: All Tyranid units within 6 have arch enemy rule
- May still buy a set of guards who stayed pretty much the same except their stuff does different things now (see biomorphs) and they have 2 wounds and get furious assault and blood lust when Papa is taken down

Tyrant Guard - 60pt
Alpha Warrior - ?
WS 6 BS 5 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 4 LD 10 AS 4+
- synapse creature, shadow of warp
- may buy almost everything except the REALY heavy stuff
- tyranid warriors in his unit may use his WS and I

Tervigon - 150pt to 165pt
WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 4 I 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+

- may spawn 3D6 termagants per movement phase which may be activated as normal, but on a double number he can no longer spawn anything fromnow on
- has spike blasters, is monstrous
- termagants within 6 may use his LD and gain counterstrike
- Has dominate psi power and may exchange it for:
The catalyst: a unit within 12 gains feel no pain
The force: unit within 12 may run/sprint AND shoot

Lictor - 80pt
have 3 wounds now
- use cover, move through cover bla bla
- gives +1 to reserve rolls and acts as an teleport homer within 6
- apears anywhere on the table when available but may not move or charge that turn
- has catchers claws and AP and scyting claws

Zoanthrope - 45pts to 60pts
have only 5+ armor but 3+ ward save
- same profiles
- have two psychic powers
warp lightning: R 24 S 5 AP 3 Explosive 1
Warp Lance: R 18 S 10 AP 1 Assault 1, Lance
- Don't pay for psychic powers any more so relatively cheap

Venomthrope - 55pts
- Zorantroph profiles only with 2 attacks
- has tentacle whips and toxic Miasma
- has poison attacks 2+
- all tyranid units within 6 gain a 5+ cover save, defesive granades and every enemy that charges them must test for dangerous terrain

Hiveguard - 50 pts
WS 4 BS 4 S 5 T 6 W 2 I 2 A 3 LD 7 AS 3+
- Carry Harpoons: R 48 S 8 AP 4 Assault 2, don't require LOS (just like swarmer missile systems of the Tau)
- may buy some biomorps like wrenching claws and stuff

Pyrovore - 60pts
- Biovore profile only 3 wounds
- his attacks CC ignore armor saves
- as a heavy flamer
- when killed outright explodes in flaming acid and damages everyone around

Ymgarl Stealers - ??
- Genestealers which can Either morph up their S, T or A by one at the beginning of their turn
- may start in "tranquil rest" which means they can ambush from a certain piece of terrain instead of beeing deployed

Hormagaunts - 6 to 10pts
- NO longer may charge 12
- 2A profile
- fleet with 3D6 and use the highest result

Termagaunts - 5pts
- have two individual weapons
Toxic stinger: R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 1
Grapling choker: R Flaming S 2 AP - Assault 1, wounds against S not T
- every unit allows one Tervigon to be played as core

Genestealers - 14pts
- same profile
- not subjected to instinctive behavior
- may buy a Brood Lord
may buy some biomorphs like toxic blood

Broodlord - 35pts (some reports at 50pts)
may have one of two psychic powers: one that makes genestealers count as having frag granades and one that may hypnotise , meaning bot roll an D6 and add their LD. If you are higher, the enemy may not attack

Warriors - 30pts
- 3 wounds now
- scyting claws as a basic
- may get all weapons except for the REALLY heavy ones
- may have 2 melee biomorphes (check all the clwas in the list) even boneswords or pairs of boneswords
- synapse creatures ofc

Rippers - ??

Fast Attack
Raveners - 30pts
- still beasts
- 3 wounds WS 5 and 4 A profile
- scyting claws and wrenching claws as a given with a few options for exchange

Gargoyles - 6pts
- have FANTASY poison attacks in CC
- Termagant profiles
- have bug throwers

Harpy - 160pts
WS 3 BS 4 S 6 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 3 LD 7 AS 4+
- monstrous creature, flyes, has a twinlinked Stranglethorn Cannon
- every unit he charges gains -1 I
- may shoot 3 spore mine on a unit he flyes over (like screamers) which causes a great blast S4 or 5 (don't remember) or three spore mines if he misses

Spore Mines -
- 3-6
- deep strike and... well what do spore mines do? land somewhere and explode near smth
- explode in large blast S 4 AP 4 per guy

Winged Warriors - 35pts
- only 5 points more expensive than normal ones but worse AS (5+)
- fly obv ^^
- no options to medium heavy weapons

Trygon - 200pts (250pts for alpha)
WS 5 BS 4 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 6 LD 8 AS 3+
- may sprint
- may deep strike and leaves behind a tunnel through which other units may deep strike in subsequent turns
- may NOT charge the turn he deep strikes
- bio electric field has R 12 S 6 AP - Assault 6
- may be upgraded to alpha in which case he is a synapse creature, has LD 10, has shadow of warp, and is bio electric field has Assault 12
- slightly more expensive than a carnifex

Mawloc - 170 pts
WS 3 BS 0 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 3 LD 9 AS 3+
- may deep strike, if he apears under a unit he places a large template there which has S 6 AP 2 ten moves all remaining models aside and is placed there (not in CC)
- has fall back and sprint rule
- may dig himself in again if he is not in CC in your movement to automaticly reapear in your next movement phase

Tyranofex - 250pts
WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 6 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+
- monstrous
- has Texorin Bugs and ONE of the 3 following weapons :
R 48 S 10 AP 4 Assault 2
R 36 S 4 AP 5 Assault 20
R Flaming S 5 AP 4 Assault 1, is shot like the inferno cannon of the imperial hellhound

Carnifex - 160pts
WS 3 BS 3 S 9T 6 W 4 I 1 A 4 LD 6 AS 3+
- may be taken in squads of 1-3
- pretty expensive
- need I to mention that tey may buy freaking EVERYTING? :P
- no more profile upgrades
- have "Bulldozer Rule" that gives them +2 I on charge
- Have Bio-plasma which is a shooting attack R 12 S 7 AP 2 Explosive 1

Mycetic Spore - 40pts
WS 2 BS 2 S 6 T 4 W 3 I 1 A2 LD 4 AS 5+
- deep strikes
- may be bought as an transport option for most units (not trigon, Mawloc, Venators, everything with wings)
- may carry 20 infantry guys or one monstrous creature
- may shoot: R 6 S 6 AP - Assault 3
- may not move
- has tentacle whips


Swarmlord (HQ) - 280pts
- bigger bader Hive Tyrant
- Carries two enhanced boneswords
- Whirl of blades: has a 4+ ward save in CC
- May use two psychic powers per turn
- may give one unit within 12 counterstrike, furious assault or sharp senses for one round

Terror of Mantrax (HQ) - 160ish pts
- larger gargoyle
- may shoot parasites at enemies tat can turn them into ripper swarms
- every enemy non tank model that flanks must take a T test or become D6 ripper swarms if they fail, also any model he kills

Death Leaper (Elite) - 150pts
- better Lictor
- has some "disappear again" rule like the old sly marbo
- VERY good at backstabbing people
- VERY good at scaring people from behind for no reason ^.^

Old One Eye (heavy support) - 250pts
- Carnifex char
- Regenerates on 5+
- has a small temper problem which lets him get additional attacks for hit "basic attacks" and sometimes go berserk[/color]
- units within 12 may use his LD

Doom of Malanti (Elite: - 83ish pts
- has stat line pretty similar to an alpha warrior with T 4
- Supersonic scream: Every enemy unit within 6 must take an LD test with 3D6 and lose the amount of wounds they failed it by
- whenever he causes wounds in any way he gains one wound up to the max of 10
- Has S X where X is the number of his wounds
- Psychic storm: can fire multiple DS 3 bolts with S equal to his wounds (so X)
The Tyranids are looking pretty stout. Glad I picked up three frames of Genestealers from Space Hulk. The new Trygon and all it's variants are super-exciting too. Can't wait for the book to come