More Ogres!

Here is another batch of Ogres that I am working on getting ready for my 'finished' Ogre Kingdoms army. They are all from the Ogre Battalion box. I just used the standard Ogre sprues that came in the box and didn't add any of the Iron Gut or Lead Belcher bits. This gave me a whole gaggle of Ogres on the cheap and I still have some primo bits left over as well.

I played Dennis down at T-Shirt explosion a few weeks back and was able to proxy in a few units that I didn't have - Yhetees and Man Eaters. Dennis is also a top notch Ogre player and had some really good advice for me. He reccomended using more units of fewer models - I was running most of my units 4 strong instead of 3.

I played around with my list and was able to fit in almost twelve more ogres by changing things up a bit and moving around some points.

I tried the new and improved list against Jesters Warriors of Chaos a week or two later and fared much better than in our first game. Sooiepalooza 2010 is coming up at the end of January and hopefully my new list will do me right at this event.