IG Under Construction

Santa brought me some goodies from Forgeworld this year, so I thought I would post a couple work in progress pics of one of my Medusas. I intend to use it as a Medusa, but through the wonder of magnets, it can easily be changed into a Basilisk.
The hinges in the cannons and the gun supports are where the magnets have been placed. If you are going to do something like this, I would recommend making sure the magnets all line up so your gun doesn't go on crocked or some other way not straight. I had to file the magnets several times to ensure the gun was in line with the rest of the vehicle. To give it a more personal touch, I added the crewman operating the spotlight and some sandbags in front of the gun shield. Nothing fancy, but I think it gives it a more functional appeal. More to follow as the assembly line churns out more armor.