Forgeworld Project #1

The first of my most recent forge world goodies arrived in the mail today. This will be a fun project, and I really am looking forward to tacking the avatar. I have never painted the molten lava effect successfully so I know this will require me to learn and improve my painting abilities.  If you have any pointers please don't hesitate to share them below!

The avatar arrived very well intact and had much less problems that some of the other pieces I have done before.  The sword was warped, but the usual hot water then cold water fix worked fine for that portion.  The only real problem was that the hilt of the sword was broken off when it arrived.  As I put the avatar together I pinned each piece together to help it hold up and a simple paper clip pin sufficed to fix the pommel.

Here is the avatar in pieces, after being washed to get rid of the mold release agent:

Here is the avatar built and ready for prime.  I have gone with a rubble-esque base, but the majority of the base will be covered with snow.  The area under his feet, of course must be bare due the flame which would melt the snow away.

Watch over the next few weeks for updates!