BFG, First Game

Today Fletch and I played our first game of BFG. We were pretty much learning the basic mechanics of the game, so we didn't play with any terrain. (celestial phenomenon) We chose a generic deployment and played line em up and duke it out.
Person with the most victory points wins. (remember back in 4th ed 40k)

My Fleet was;
Battle barge
master of the fleet
3x strike cruisers
12x gladius frigates

Fletchs Fleet was;
chaos lord
mark of tzeentch
chaos lord
mark of tzeentch
2x Murderers
2x Slaughterers
one with chaos lord, mark of slaanesh

I started out writing a battle report and keeping up with specific movements and who fired at who and the like. After about 2 or 3 turns I found out this is not like 40k at all. I found all of that to be utter garbage. The true magic of this game, in my humble opinion, is what happens. As you duke it out, this game actually has the ability to tell a story. An example of this is at one point Fletch put a cruiser in front of me and shot all his starboard weaponry at one of my strike cruisers. He crippled my engines, knocked out my forward and port guns and caught me on fire. :O Because my engines were taken out I could no longer turn. In true Marine fashion, when the chips are down go for the throat. I declared I would Ram his pathetic chaos cruiser. After looking up some rules we rolled our dice and the results were that I plowed through the side of his ship without the ability to steer and on FIRE!!! I destroyed his ship but was slowly flying straight through space and eventually the flames engulfed my strike cruiser and it exploded. I really like how it tells a story as you play. I got excited about a couple of events that happened along the coarse of play. Another such instant I was able to surround the Desolator Capital ship. I launched all my weaponry at the mammoth 12 structure point ship. I managed to score 4 wounds after going through its shields. I then launched 9 thunderhawks carrying marines to assault him. At this point I managed to destroy the prow, dorsal, starboard, and port guns. I did 4 additional structure points. Lastly I did a a teleport attack with 2 strike cruisers and used my once a game terminators and hit him hard. At this point he lost 2 more points and got -3 to leadership and caught on fire. WOOHOO! The last ship of his I killed I sent 5 thunderhawks after it to take out its last structure point. I destroyed it... But his ship went nuclear which was pretty cool in itself. Overall Marines took this one home with only 1 alpha legion ship surviving.I'm pretty stocked about this game and will post more on it as we learn the rules better and get more acquainted with BFG. I can't wait to name all my ships to give them more personality and play games with actual missions and terrain involved.

All that survived the battle