Steam Bike from Max Mini

Saw this over in Max Mini's Forum -

For those wondering what we`re working on here`s an early preview of our first multipart kit - steambike:

This is a rough version assembled from a basic set of parts (it includes main body, front wheel, 2 guns, handlebar). Full kit will also have legs for the rider and power lance that could be attached instead one of the guns.
We`re also thinking about some accessory sprue that will include some sacks, ammo boxes and so on. They`ll be availible as an extra set or included in a core one (we`re still discussing this).
This project was a lot of fun for me. Starting from my early idea, to Pawel`s early sketches, test model and then a finished one.

I have a few ideas just churning around to use this bike for - Orks immediately sping to mind with those big cannons on the front as do some IG Rough Riders. I think it would look a bit odd with a Marine sitting on it but who knows - I am sure someone could pull it of.