New Favorite Glue - Gorilla Superglue

A while back I ran out of my trusty yellow bottle of Hobby Lobby glue. I have heard a few people talking about how they like Gorilla Super Glue so I decided to give it a try.

I started out using this glue to assemble some Skaven Clan Rats. It worked very well bonding plastic to plastic - I would say that it even did a bit better job than the Hobby Lobby glue. It is about the same consistency as well, maybe even just a tad bit thicker. It dried just as fast if not faster as well.

After I assembled and painted the Clan Rats I glued them down to a pizza box lid so I could spray them with a wash of Devlan Mud all at once. Here is where the glue didn't perform as well. The Hobby Lobby glue would pretty much instantly bond to the paper box, meaning I could just stick and go. I had to hold the models in place for about five seconds when using the gorilla glue.

After they were washed and dried it was time to pop them off of the paper box. Both glues performed the same in this manner - no ripping or tearing, just a bit of paper left on the bottom. Didn't even have to trim them up.

Another place that this glue suprised me was gluing the models down to their base. The Gorilla Glue worked admirably. I just put the glue on the feet, stuck them to the base and moved on. With the other glue I would usually have to hold them for a few seconds.

Now for the big test - metal to metal and metal to plastic. The Gorilla Glue won hands down. I was able to glue a metal model to a plastic base just like it was plastic to plastic. I also tested gluing a metal bit to metal bit and didn't have any problems.

Another thing to note is that this stuff comes off of your fingers easier than the Hobby Lobby glue. I usually have glue on my fingers for a few days when using the Hobby Lobby glue but the Gorilla glue came off later on the night I got it on my finger. It is kind of weird - it comes off in big sheets instead of little flakey bits. A small difference but one you will appreciate when you get it all over you fingers.

I will have to do some more metal to metal testing but so far this glue is the new winner.