The Scurrying Menace - Big D Starts Skaven

The idea of playing some Warhammer Fantasy has slowly been gaining momentum amongst The Hogs of War. I have been slowly building an Ogre force over the last year, Capn Woodrow has some Lizardmen he is building up, and recently Jester started cobbling together some Chaos Warriors. Since I am nearly done with my Ogres and am currently working on about four 40k armies off and on I turned my eye towards my next Fantasy army.

When I saw this model I knew that my mind was made up -

I just fell in love with the new Plague Furnace. I have a special spot in my heart for all things Nurgle and this just screams Nurgle to me. With the fact that they are getting a new codex and some really slick models I decided to throw my hat in with the Skaven.

So far I have a few boxes of the old Clan Rats that I got for a song and a steal off of eBay and I am going to be using these old models as my skaven slaves. I have also raided the old bits box and found a few choice models that I am going to convert up to toss in my slave units to give them some flavor - can anyone say Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblin Musician?

This is also going to let me try out some different painting methods - I usually go with a basecoat/detail/wash technique but I figure since I am going to be running a horde I can mix in a few other techniques and they will get lot in the shuffle if they don't turn out well.