OSL Attempt 2 - Mutant Troll with Chunk o' Warpstone

Here is my second attempt at some OSL. I had a blast with this model. I found it at the bottom of the bitz box and it was in some sorry shape. He was missing a leg - the foot was still there on a seperate base but the leg was gone. He also had a ten year old bright green paint job on him. I took care of the leg with some green stuff and took care of the paint with a good soak in some Simple Green.

Like the ogre in my last post I based this troll off of one from the Gotrex and Felix Omnibus. There was a troll with a great claw and a warpsone amulet around it's neck so I based my troll off of that.

I went real simple on the paintjob. I primed black and then dry-brushed with Fortress Grey. For the claw and teeth/claws I used Dheneb Stone with a Devlan Mud wash. I used Iyanden Sun for the cloth and painted the warpstone with Snot Green highlighted up to Scorpion Green with Bleached Bone.

For the glow I drybrushed the same colors on and they turned out pretty well. Since I was going over a lighter more uniform color the effect worked better on this model than it did on the troll.

I am liking the way that the OSL is turning out and I have one more big piece that I am working on that makes use of this technique. I hope to have it finished soon and will post some pics when it is.