New WWII Game from GW?

I saw this pop up in a few places today -

From Dakka-
Apparently at the Historical Wargames group held at Warhammer World last month, Warwick Kinrade was demonstrating a new WWII game that Forgeworld are planning to release next year. Apparently it is aimed at 20mm or 15mm rather than 28mm and has a planned release date of "early on" next year. The mechanics are reported as owing nothing to Warhammer.

No comment about whether figures will accompany the rules, although it sounds unlikely looking at the comment about it being applicable for a couple of (admittedly only slightly) different scales. Could be the first fruits of Warhammer Historical's subsumation within Forgeworld? An interesting rival to FoW?
And also from over at Game Headz -
There are some persistent rumors in trade Mags saying that GW MAY ( that's a big MAY ) be getting in to historical TTG. Starting with a 15mm WWII stuff...

Sound a bit familiar? no? How about Flames of War... still not ringing a bell? where you been people!

Any how, some of the designers for Gw have been meeting for a "Historical Group" frequently and the play mechanics of said game are nothing like WHF or WH40K....

Some are saying that it will be initially launched threw Forge World... others say it will be a main GW line not part of the forgotten step child specialist games division....

If they are serious about it I think FW would basically set it up for failure... to limited distribution and expensive, same for Specialist games....

As they say in poker All in or Go Home...that is the only way I see it being successful. Full support full distribution network.

It could be a good Idea but I think they may be spreading them selves too thin if it is true. It seems that they are missing dates ( nid codex....for one but that was a "Printing mistake") already and the staff is spread way out already... People are already getting very frustrated with lack of regular updates or Codexs that go a DECADE ( oh I when there) before being updated (while in the same time frame the Space marines , Britoians and Elves all get about 3 different revisions).

Are retailers going to want to devote MORE shelf space to a new GW product? The next 2 years for GW, WHFB and LOTR are said to be the major focus.... even though here in the states most people could not care about either ( sorry WHFB the plane Jane Space Marines out sell your ENTIRE LINE and the next two non marine codexs consistently by them selves).

Are you Ready for another GW game?
Look for more possibly next spring .
And a bit more from Game Headz -
This was from Wargames Illustrated:

The Historical Wargamers Group, in association with Wargames Illustrated, held another successful event at Warhammer World on 24 - 25 October, WAB players from around Europe did battle across several campaign settings and attendees were treated to a bonus surprise appearance when Warwick Kinrade of Forgeworld demonstrated the forthcoming Games Workshop World War II game.

Warwick ran through a game in which a British Battlegroup stormed a German held position in Normandy circa 1944 - the British sector in Normandy being the focus for the rulebook. The game is designed for 20mm figures although it will work equally well with 15mm (adjustments will be necessary for 28mm). Interestingly the game seemed to owe little to the well-known Warhammer game system.

The game is still work in progress with a release date of "next year - hopefully early on" planned. The core rulebook will be supported by further supplements, which will include more army lists and (further down the line) more threatres of the war).

***Well There you go.... sounds like another Game system from GW
I don't know if it will be a Main line or a FW/BL/SG release though....let the speculation begin.

I'm not really sure what to think about this. 15mm might be interesting, but FOW already has this niche nailed down pretty good from the looks of things. The way I see it if it is a completely different system than what we are used to from GW why wouldn't we just pick up Fog of War instead?