Why I think 40k is better: Reason #1

I remember way back in the 90's when the first multi part box set came out. It was chaos warriors and it was the first kit where the models weren't all in the same pose. I wasn't playing chaos at the time, but it sure made an impression. I remembering thinking how awesome the models were and how excited I was that GW was going to start making kits that had multipart pieces inside.

So flash forward to last week when I opened up my new box of chaos warriors excited to put something new together thinking that the kit had surely come an even longer way even from my distant memory. All I can say is that I am disappointed. All the warriors have the same exact pose and they all have the same cloak cast on the back. Maybe I am just spoiled with 40k models, but i like for every model to be very different. I like to pose and convert my models, so I decided I would do just that. But now then I realized I would have to worry about ranking the models up!

This made me remember the multitude of reasons why I went to 40k in the first place. The ability for your models to run in coherency is more friendly for conversions and making your models unique. End of story. Every single model in my Traitor IG is converted. Nothing was left as is. I won't be able to make that happen as easily with the Warhammer Chaos troops. Granted I am just throwing my fantasy army together so I can play fantasy when other people ge the urge, but I am a bit discouraged.