Big D Considers Battle Fleet Gothic

Well since Littleboyblues decided to up and model himself a BFG force I am thinking about following suit. My biggest conundrum that I have at the moment is what faction should I play?

I have a whole host of options to go with the armies that I play - CSM, Daemons, Orks, Marines, Necrons, and a bit of Guard - but which one should I choose?

I think I am gonna stick with what is close to my heart and model up a Nurgle BFG Force. From looking at the resources on GWs website it looks like I can field a Plague Fleet led by the Terminus Est itself! I'm practically giddy with excitement.

From what I hear 1500 pts is a pretty standard size for BFG. Since I have no clue how to play (even though I have downloaded the book and read a part of it) I am just going to fire up ArmyBuilder and cook up a list that looks pretty cool and has a fairly low model count.

Here is what I have come up with for my initial plan -

1. Terminus Est

2. Some other stuff

Yup. That is about how far I have made it. I will pick up the ole' boat up above and paint her up in the next few weeks and then go from there and see how it all turns out.