Space Wovles Wolf Pack Sprue - Gobs of Plastic!

Wow. The new Space Wolves set is CRAZY packed with bits. Just looking at the number doesn't do it justice. Here is a quick run down of what the box gets you -
10 Space Wolf Bodies
10 Space Wolf Legs
A whole gob of heads - about 50 (This includes some scout heads as well)
Arms out the wazoo - Bolters, CCW, empty 'cradling' arms, and Bolt Pistol arms are all present

As if above wasn't enough here is where the kit really shines -
2x Plasma Gun
2x Thunder Hammer
2x Storm Shield
2x Power Fist
2x Power Sword
6x Plasma Pistol

That is just SICK on the amount of special weapons that you get in this kit - and it is the same price as a box of regular marines.

Just take a look a the sprues below -