I started working on my unit of Harlequins this week, in order to use them for the upcoming Hobbytown Tournament. I am thinking I might try the list, just to see how it will do. I have never play tested my list, but I want to play something other than my IG.

Regardless, as I opened the box up I made the terrible discovery that Harlequins come in very small pieces and that they are all pewter. One thing 15 years of gaming experience will tell you is that these things will have to be pinned or you will have immeasurable grief as you use them on the table top.

So here I am drilling the first hole in the top piece of the model. Part way through this hole, I realized my bit was dulled so I headed out to hobby town to get a new bit. Hobby Town carries lots of these little bits and you can get a pair of them for about 3.00. I was pleased when they started carrying them, as Lowes doesnt have any bits small enough for modeling and for using paper clips.

Next, I drilled a hole in the bottom piece of the model, and cut a straight piece of paperclip with my wire cutter. Make sure when you pin a model to not use your sprue cutter or you will ruin them. Then I dabbed an end with super glue and inserted it as far as it would go into the legs.
I test fit it in the body, and cut the paperclip down to the right size.

I repeated this process for each of the models, and I also did the same with their feet and their bases. I generally pin all dynamic models to their bases so they don't come undone, but with these it was doubly necessary. I really don't like pinning models, but it has to be done. The batch below was about 2 hours worth of work.