Khorne Heavy Tournament List for RTT

A while back I played in a RTT over at our local Hobby Town. I have been playing me Daemons quite a bit here lately and I decided that I wanted a change of pace for this tournament so I dusted off my Chaos Space Marines. Man am I glad I did because I had a hoot.

When I was making up my list I knew that I wanted to use my Forgeworld Khorne Terminators that I had been working on. I have them armed up with Lightning Claws and I run them as Terminator Champions with the Mark of Khorne. They have five attacks just standing around - six on the charge. Oh yeah.I figured if a unit of Khorne Terminators would be fun so would a few more Khorne units.

For my HQ I used a Khorne Lord wiht a Bloodfeeder. He was accompanied by 9 Berzerkers in a Rhino. Most people would tell you to run that expensive of a unit in a Land Raider so you can make sure to get it where you want it. I kind of have a different thought on that. This unit is going to be a fire magnet and it is going to take huge losses in something as fragile as a Rhino. The thing is that this unit is crazy deadly down to the last model - the Lord. If my opponent starts shooting at this thing and weakens in before it hits their line it is still murder. They have to completely kill the whole unit before it is no longer a threat. This lets my other units get where they are going and this unit has enough models in it to make it where they are going with a few models left over.

To round out the rest of the list I took another unit of Terminators - 4 armed with combiplasma and one with a chainfist/heavy flamer, 2 ten man units of regular marines with a flamer and melta gun, a possessed Land Raider (Painted Khorne Red), and a summoned Greater Daemon.

I would run the Terminators in the Land Raider right up the middle with the Berzerkers and a unit of regular marines. I would then send the other Rhino off on its own to head towards an objective. I would hold the second unit of Terminators in reserve with the Greater Daemon and hope for a turn three landing.

This list was crazy fun. In all three of my games I had units in assault on turn two. I was a bit worried about the Greater Daemon but he performed admirably. I never had him show up too early so whenever he popped he was able to charge into hand to hand on that turn.

I ended up really liking this list and everyone that I played against had a good time so I would consider it a winner.