White Dwarf October 357 Issue Review

Sales Pimping Minimal (.5 of 1) They definitely push the wolves, but there are way too many spreads of older painting and hobby materials in here. There is already mention of the Christmas season and what you should buy... Sheesh
Battle Report - (.5 of 1) Space wolves vs. Daemons. A silly demon army using one of everything playing an okay SW list. Not bad on the write up, but very abbreviated turn sequence.
Painting - (.75 of 1) How to paint up the SW shoulder pads and chapter, Heavy metal how to paint the metal wolf guard with claws. Standard bearer on painting night. Not too shabby, but nothing overly useful.
New Materials - (1 of 1) Space wolf dudes set, termies set, and canis. Neat idea with all the heads and bits in a box. Very cool. I hate Canis. Good month for releases. Pretty ground breaking box set for the wolves with the bits - hopefully setting the par for course for future releases.
Content - (.5 of 1) Middle of the road. Alot of focus on the wolves, but too much focus on War of the rings. Takes up a large chunk of the book. Only one fantasy article.
Modeling - (.75 of 1) Nice kit bashing article showing off the wolf sprues, and posing your models and a cool article on themed armies for fantasy built around special characters.
Tactica - (.25 of 1) Pretty much nothing here. The wolves are shown off a bit in the battle report and the introduction of them talks a little bit about what you might be able to do with them.
Scenery/Terrain - (.75 of 1) Pretty cool pictures of some upcoming terrain in the back and some details on how part of it is built.
Excitement - (.75 of 1) Wolves are back and they deserve an issue for them after 9 years. They did a pretty good job of it, and do an okay job reintroducing them.
Enjoyability - (.5 of 1) Bleh. It was okay. Good 40k content with the focus solely on SW. Better than some issues, worse than others.

Overall (6 of 10) - A middle of the roadish issue for sure.