Tyranids and Squats - News from UK GD

Well it looks like the bug is outta the bag. News is pouring in from Games Day UK and there is actually quite a bit this go round.

40k Bunny has the following news -

1) Working on elysians etc and ATV, pics are on warseer
2) Spoke to Mr bedford, really nice chap and had some good hobby tips too. I got chatting to him about the IA masterclass books and asked if anymore where being done. He said 'yes' and said that it would be following diorama building.

3) Codex preview for nids
Over at Games Workshops site we have the following -

A preview of the new Tyranid Codex cover
A picture of the new White Dwarf subscription model - a Squat!

Technically I think it is 'The White Dwarf' in power armor but one can always hope.

And over at MWU we have a good comprehensive post with several links -

Codex: Tyranids getting released in January. Most people are going to complain that its to soon but if you look at their codex 1/2 the stuff doesn’t do anything anymore. Not from GD UK but it is rumored that a new Plastic Hive Tyrant and Plastic Trygon will accompany the release of the book. It is written by Robin Cruddace.

Forge World:

Shown off is a fully painted Chaos Reaver Titan, another sculpt of the Lord of Change, some sort of new Eldar 1-maned Falcon (no image as of now), and a A Elysian buggy of some type.


Ultramarine: The Movie. Yes that’s right the rumors from Games Day Baltimore are true (I think the rumors started in Baltimore). For more info you can visit http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/ and sign up for news updates. A very basic summary is below. For more info on Codex Pictures you can click here.

Thats right - A Space Marine movie. There isn't really anything up on the site except for a little intro flash animation. I will have to keep my eyes peeled on this one - might be rally cool, or it could be a big loaf. Will just have to wait and see.