Space Hulk Sold Out!

Ruh-Roh, Shaggy!  GW has no copies left.

The wait is finally over. Saturday 5th September sees the release of the iconic boardgame: Space Hulk. However, with the website now sold out the only place you can get a copy is in stores! So, get down to your local Hobby Centre this weekend, or miss out forever!

Madness you say?  You are right, but its the GW way.  What happened when black industries released Dark Heresy?  The day it released they sold out!  and the next day?  The announcment that black industries was closing the door on the roleplaying department.  It was only fortunate that FFG came along and picked up the license.  So in GWese it makes sense to sell out - I guess if they sell all these copies, when they try to do another run sometime next year it will sell like hotcakes again, eh?  Maybe they are getting business lessons from the Nintendo Wii?