Organizing Space Hulk on Opening

By now I am sure you have heard about all the goodies packed into the Space Hulk box. It is straight up chock full of chits, models, board sections, and doors. When I opened the box everything was laid in there just so and there really was no extra room. The problem that I ran into was that everything seemed to 'grow' as I punched out the floor tiles and clipped the models off of their sprues.

This led to an interesting little problem when I had to put everything back in the box - it didn't really want to fit. To solve this problem I busted out the trusty box of ziploc bags and started sorting everyhing out.

About ten or so baggies later I had everything in its own little bag and back in the box. Since I hadn't played yet I am sure that I didn't have everything as organized as I would like but this all worked itself out after playing a game or two.

When it was time to pack back up I had figured out how everything grouped together (marine bits vs. tyranid bits) and sorted them into baggies together. I also didn't worry so much about putting the floor tiles in individual bags as it didn't really help in setting up the game.

When I packed up I put all the floor tiles in first and got them to fit as good as could be, and then started layering everything else on top of it. It all fit back in the box quite nicely and it didn't feel 'crammed' in there.