BFG Marines Part 1

Some friends and I recently started building BFG fleets to match our armies for apocalypse tie in scenarios and just laid back gaming in general. I've learned a lot about the game in the last month or two and the 2 or 3 games I've played have been fun. BFG is generally played at 1500 points from what I've seen. So I went to make a list and get everything I needed to play.

My fleet is Space marines to match my army. I run a marble and red paint scheme with Renaissance art on the vehicles so I'm trying to match my army to that. I really like John Blanches works of art all through out the BFG rule book and cover art. My plan is to try and replicate his style on my tiny ships.

My List:
1x Battle Barge, Master of the fleet and Terminators on board
3x Strike Cruisers
4x Gladius Frigates
4x Gladius Frigates
4x Gladius Frigates

Having no experience I was shooting for a well rounded fleet using a little bit of everything. This was not too hard as there isn't a whole lot of options for a marine fleet.

I ordered everything from GW and the thing that were on back order I got from ebay. I was well on my way.