Yet Another IG Tank - Traitor Guard Chimera GS WIP

So yeah, I only thought I had finished my IG update.... Then I go to a major tournament and realize I still don't have enough melta guns in my list. So, here is another Chimera I am workeing on. This will house my second CCS with melta guns. If there was a unit that really shined in the Waaagh, it was the first CCS. Bring it down with melta guns is awesome.

So as a result, and reflecting on the alarming tendency for the majority of the lists I faced to have at least one land raider, I am increasing my 1850 list to now include 11 tanks and 2 melta gun CCS.

This one is going to be the typical boil covered Chimera, but I am going to go for a pus/milk looking pool in the back. Here it is assembled and Greenstuffed