Tips From the Forum - Beating Chaos Daemons

bsimon just posted this over in the forum, head on over to take part in the discussion -

Since there were 4 of us at Patriot Games, for those of you who haven't played Demons before, here's what I worry about:

1) Go second. Kind of obvious because there's no Demons on the table turn 1, but if possible, go second. I recommend this in general for objective scenarios in any case.
2) If you have a lot of scouts, go first. If I play another Demon player, I'm going first if possible (and I'll even try to sieze the initiative). Why the difference? Every Demon has to deep strike. If you can spread out a lot, it minimizes where he can come down, and in all likelihood he'll need good dice and/or a hit to not roll on the mishap table. Spread out a lot - it hurts more than is apparent.
3) Demons deep strike. This means they can't assault their first turn, and that you can react to them if they don't shoot. This is another reason I try to go first against another Demon player - I can charge their arrivals first. In most cases, every Demon unit is better than it's equivalent in another army. This is more than balanced by having to Deepstrike in. Take advantage of that by picking them off piecemeal as best you can.
4) Shooty demons make Tau look good in assaults. Seriously. A Horror of Tzeentch has 3 BS3 S4 AP4 shots per turn, but is WS2, T3, 4+ save. Flamers are T4!
5) Almost no Demon gets grenades. A Bloodletter may have great stats, but with his save, him charging you in cover means you'll cut down a lot of them.

Anyone else have something they'd like to add?