Ork Week - Conversion - Looted Wagon with Skorcha

One of the things I was most excited about in the Ork Codex was the looted vehicle option. I couldn't wait to get a vehicle and 'Orkify' it. I pondered about which vehicle I would use and settled on a spare Rhino that I had laying around. Even if this isn't one of the best choices in the current Warhammer 40k meta-game I was excited about modelling one up.

I decided that I wanted a fairly modular vehicle to haul some Burna Boys around in. I wanted it to be open topped for maximum flamer madness and it also needed a Skorcha on it - for when things need to be extra crispy. To get it to be open topped I just cut off the back half of the roof and didn't use the rear door. Adds kind of a pick-up truck feel to it.

The conversions on the Rhino itself were pretty straight forward - knock a hole in the front for a shoota, scratch it all to bits, and slap on some armor plates.

Where I got carried away was by focusing my conversion efforts on the exhaust. The stock Rhino exhaust was just too weedy. Not enough Ork to em. I solved this problem by grabbing some plastic tubing, a pin vice, and a candle and tried my hand at making some custom exhaust.

It took a little bit of doing and I did have to scrap a few pieces but in the end it worked out quite nice. After I made one or two of the tubes it was smooth sailing after that.

The other big conversion on this model is the Skorcha. To make this bad boy I grabbed some barrels, plasticard strip, plastic tubing, a rhino turret mount, and some pieces from RamshackleGames.com

I used some of the resin bits from Ramshackle's vehicle upgrade set. These pieces are very rough compared to ForgeWorld stuff but they fit the Ork theme just perfectly. Some of the plates on the rhino also came from here. They have some very cheap prices, you can get individual bits, and shipping is not bad at all.

For the paint job on this model I primed it black, basecoated it with Foundation Orange, and then picked out the scratches, big details, and gun and then airbrushed it all with Black Wash.

This was a really fun conversion. My favorite piece is the Skorcha turret. I am toying around with making another once because I had so much fun making it.