Big Waaagh Wildeyedjester Game 2 Picture/Battle Synopsis (Ork Week)

For game two of the tournament I drew a savvy ork player with quite alot of tournament experience.  He had just played his orks in the 'Ard Boyz and had some problems with Vendetta rules (no surprise there - could the rules be any more vague).  Before we got down to the nitty gritty we had a pretty heated discussion of their rules, and eventually agreed on how they would be played.  Initially I was a bit afraid I had drawn a rules lawyer, but over the course of the game it became obvious that he was just in for the enjoyment of playing as well.  He was a swell guy, and ran his orks in a manner I had never played against before.  Sadly, I have misplaced my notes and I cannot for the life of me remember this chaps name!

His method of running his orks was to use mobs of 30 boyz which zigzagged back and forth across the board in conga line formation.  Anytime you went to shoot a mob, part of it would be zigzagged around some terrain giving the unit a cover save.  Each mob was led up front by a Nob with Power Claw and 3 rockit boyz.  If you shot the unit, casualties came from the middle or rear, and just further minimized how many you can get with a template.  Right off the bat I had two mobs running up the side and they were on me quick.

For the scenario each side had 3 objectives they had to protect.  You assigend each a hidden value of 2-6 totaling up to 10.  They stayed hidden until the end of the game.  At the end of the game you needed more of your opponents 10 in his zone, and you needed more of your own 10 in your zone.  Fun but tricky!  These huge mobs could advance across the board and still be in their own zone holding their objectives.

I knew I had to stop the conga line and I knew that if I could get a side charge I would pull them back out of my deployment zone with the 6" consolidate moves the orks would have to make.  I had high hopes for my penal legions and marbo.

The game was a rough one and all my shooting only cost him 2 of his 5 mobs during the game.  My penal legions came on late, but Marbo was a champ.  He popped up, demod some orks.  Lived through shooting at him.  Charged a conga line and pulled them back, and survived to fight another round!  He, alone, kept the conga line from wrecking more than just my basilisk.

In all the game was a blast, and came down to a lucky move on my part.  I had to choose one of his objectives to clear off, and I chose the middle and shot and shot and shot at the mob holding it.  On the last turn I zipped in a scoring vendetta hoping it would be big points.  On my side I had placed 2, 2 and 6 points, with 6 under my strongest defense point (tanks).  I managed to hold mine and when the smoke cleared the vendetta had landed on an objective that had a 6 on it!

So, somehow, despite the general disarray of my army  - I pulled out an 11-9 win.

It was a super fun game, and the funnest scenario fo the Waaagh in my opinion.  I enjoyed my opponent, and I liked playing against a different style of orks.  What did I learn?  I don't have enough dakka in my army even with russes, hydras, basilisks and the lot.  I need more Chimeras!