Necronomicon Not Happening Again in 2010

Here is the quote from their site:

Friends, old & new,

The 2009 Necronomicon has now come and gone. The weekend was enjoyable and we truly hope all friends, old and new, had a good time! On to business…

After the event, The Necro organizers got together and we talked about the event, past events and the future of the event. Much has happened of late in our hobby and the past 18 to 24 months has seen much change in the tournament scene in our country. After a long talk and discussion about the current trends in our much beloved hobby the organizers of The Necro have decided that The Necro will not be held in 2010. Now, don’t cry! We aren’t going anywhere! WE WILL BE BACK in 2011.

The Necronomicon has been, to my knowledge, the longest running event of its kind in the U.S. … and IT WILL CONTINUE. Sometimes though you have to step back, remember what is important and why we work so hard to put on this wonderful event for our friends, old and new. The Necronomicon has always been a trend setter and pushed forward with quality of gaming weekends, new ways of thinking about our hobby and a deep and genuine concern for the COMPLETE enjoyment over a weekend of gaming and hobby for its participants. This was a difficult decision, but we felt it was best for the event and for the organizers.

We have always worked very hard to put on the best event in the country with great terrain and tables, balanced scenarios, and unique games and special Friday events like Blood Bowl, and now Battlefleet Gothic… as well as our ongoing charity effort in the form of the Charity Dice Off where we raise money for the Orlando Children’s Home. We grew the event from Warhammer to include Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, then Lord of the Rings and Battlefleet Gothic. But all this fantastic fun takes hard work, and time.

When the event was started by Janner and Jason Holliday its main focus was a social event centered on the hobby we all put so much time, money and effort into, Warhammer! Over the years we were exceptionally fortunate to have been joined by some really great guys, they are Jason Mitchell, John Petrelli, Tom Keegan, Luke Duddridge, and certainly the artistic talents of Doug Klem and Stefan Price for the wonderful artwork and terrain. They all joined the team with that same original goal in mind, fun and friends, first and foremost!

Recently, the organizers have been concerned that the event has lost that original feel and though still a true test of gaming and generalship, the social and friendship aspect appears to us to have become secondary. This is why we invite our friends, old and new, each year to sunny Florida to be our guests for the weekend and to immerse themselves in our hobby and completely enjoy themselves the entire time, from playing a game to reminiscing past table top glories, or sharing your favorite model or newly painted army, or just grabbing a pizza and a beer and playing some cards games – or maybe even Junta! So we are going to take 2010 off. During the break we will be working on new ideas, a new structure, and reinventing that weekend with friends we all want each year, an event where new friends meet for the first time, old friends can reacquaint themselves over a few cold beverages, push some toy soldiers around a table of cool terrain and have great experience for the weekend that they will treasure all year long… until the next weekend we all get together the following year and have fun again!

We thank all of our friends for attending in the past and VERY MUCH look forward to seeing you in the future.

The Necro Team

If the folks at the Big Waaagh play their cards right this coming year, they can draw in a crowd from the necro. They are certainly going to have to step it up from this year, though.