Big Waaaagh Game 4 Battle Report/Picture Synopsis - Blood Angels

For game 4, I once again met Steve of the Blade N Bolter boyz and prepared to face his Blood Angels list.  Steve is a great guy, also known online as 'Black Orange' and 'Green Blow Fly' online.  I have played him several times, including in the last game of this years doubles tournament and at last year's Waaagh in the doubles tournament.    The scenario we were playing was a bit silly and my goal was to kill his land raider, his Veteran Assault Squad (VAS) and his Dante model, all of which he was trying to keep alive.  Steve had to kill my Leman Russ squadron, which included my Executioner (my most costly model).  But for this game, your 2 highest cost units would not start showing up until much later than normal, meaning I had to play without my tank squadron, but that they also werent on the table to be killed.

The game started out rough for Steve, who failed his first 6 dice rolls to turbo charge his blood angel rhino engines.  The death company also immediately got stranded in cover, across the board as their mode of transportation was disabled, effectively taking them out of the game.

 Steves army came across the board like gang busters and did what blood angels do best to traito rr guard - slay  them in hth.  However, I was fortunate enough for my CCS to melta the land raider before it got to my primary lines, and then the CCS and a penal legion was able to hold Corbulo and the squads in that area of the board for the rest the game.

On the furthest back edge of my board I had ringed my basillisk with sacrificial squads in preparation for the deep striking Dante and his Veteran Assault squad.  I had left an opening in the middle of my back line to allow my russes to come onto the board and either fire at the vehicles coming my way or at the VAS and Dante if they landed.

When Dante and VAS landed they did indeed go after the basilisk surrounded by infantry.  After surviving a round of fire following their deep strike, they charged all the squads surrounding the bassie. It was Steve's turn 5 and I still didnt have my russes on the tables.  The VAS killed 3 combined squads in one turn, and Dante got quagmired down in a penal legion squad that he charged on his own.

Finally, on my turn 5 the executioner trundled onto the board and killed the VAS to the man. Dante was finally shot down on the 6th turn with lascannon fire after he finished off the penal legion on his turn.

It was a fun game, but it wasn't the best scenario for Steve.  Due to the way the scenario was structured, everything he needed to kill was in one unit and it didn't arrive until turn 5.  That made it next to impossible for Steve to have enough fire power in the area where I chose to bring the tanks on to the board.

To make matters worse, this was also the game where the judge came by doing paint judging during the game.  Steve and I both had most of our models still off the board (due to casualties) and we asked him why they were judging during a game, at which point the judge became quite cross with our questions.  Steve let him know that he had painted his whole army except his tanks - he could have lied but he was honest and up front.  The judge looked at our stuff for no more than a minute and moved on not saying anything else.

Later, when scores were posted it was discovered that Steve was given a 0 on his paint score.... he was not given a deduction for someone else painting 3 units, or even barred from winning the paining competition.... he was removed from every category but best general because they set his paint score to 0 and never told by the judge; Something I don't feel was handled appropriately at all.....

The battle score ended with me getting a full 20.