And Now For Something A Little Bit Odd...

Here is one of my favorite models in my army - my converted Weirdboy.

This guy is based off of an old Savage Orc Shaman that I had picked up when I was making an Orc and Goblin army back when I was playing fantasy.

I found this guy in my bitz box and knew I had to use him. There was only a small problem - the arm bit with the totem was missing. I dug and dug and couldn't find it. I was about to give up and move on to something else when I decided that I would just make him an arm.

I thought about sculpting up a realistic arm (yeah right, maybe a mangled chaos arm) but decided that a bionic arm would fit the character better and was actually something that I could pull off.

To make the arm I used some paperclips and small pieces of plastic tubing. I didn't do anything fancy as this was the first bionic arm that I scratchbuilt.

He ended up turning out pretty good but I have only used him in a very few games. He is just WAY to random for me. I have enough trouble staying focused and using units for their intended purposes and this guy just gets me in trouble.

I am going to break this guy out next time we have an Apocalypse game and hope for 'Ere We Go rolls! Should be exciting.