Tournament Display Board Part 2

Building on what I discussed last time, I have taken a piece of insulation foam from Lowes and cut it into sections. The board was cut down to fit in my frame and the edges were sanded flat. Then Big D and I took 3 sections of foam and we glued them together with wood glue to give my board some height. I also reinfoced the whole works with shiskabob skewers to give the thing some internal strength, much like foam rebar, if you will.

I added some texture to the front of the clif face with a styrofoam cutter, but I was not at all satisfied with the results.......

So I bought some spackle and I liberally applied this to my foam. I wanted a rough uneven look and I applied mounds of the stuff to the front of the cliff to make it look rocky! It took about 3 days of 100 degree Arkansas heat, but here is the result after it was sprayed with spray paints of varying colors to get a base coat on it!
Also notice that I put two round metal disks on the top of the hill. After a recommendation from one of our readers, I decided to go this route to keep my vendettas on the hill from falling off. I will magnetize their bases, and then when I move the board through a tournament hall I don't have to worry about my inherent clumsiness.

Notice I left a flat piece in the center of the cliff.... Almost like I inted on this forgeworld resin piece to rest in that gap.....

Next time I will cover details and final painting of the display board!