Space Wolf Rumor Roundup

Well well. I was just getting ready to write a post up about how quiet it had been on Space Wolf Rumors lately. And then when I checked my newsfeeds this morning lo and behold if it wasn't full of new rumors. Here is a quick rundown as well as links to the sources of information -

UPDATE: Looks like a few more rumors have come down the ole pipeline. A few were in spanish so I am going to post the gobbled up translation that I found (It is posted in yellow so take it with an extra grain of salt. Who knows what was lost in translation) -

Leman Russ is out, a Land Raider Variant with possible assault cannon armament is in.

  • Space Wolves ICs are equipped in a method broadly similar to WFB Vampire Counts characters. You basically build a "Saga" for your hero, which fluff wise lists his heroic deeds, and grants various sets of package-deal special abilities.
  • Bjorn is said to have AV:14 front armor, with other details contradictory in nature.
  • Jump-pack options will be changing in the new codex, and jump-pack marines are called "Skyriders".
  • All the army will maintain the rule of the counter-attack and all but the bloody claws, Iran with the rule of fire with one hand "but something more special:
  • In principle it seems that he wanted to give the whole team as they did with other codex (Bolten, gun and weapon ACC) but in the end it seems that could have opted for "any model with this rule and armed with a Bolt (no rifles plasma) can make rapid fire and assault that turn. " There is na ...
  • The claws are with HA 4 (apparently kept the HP 3) and change its current rule by rabid assault.
  • The long tusks apparently going to be very very good. Says, do not sell many devastating marines, let alone long tusks, therefore could be strengthened considerably. Apparently a part of keeping your existing rule (divide the fire between two units), the leader of the pack to the unit would also provide the rule of hitting. Of all the rumors that this is the more it costs to believe.
  • The guard of the wolf is also quite enhanced, but only has a filter that will have a page with all equipment configurations.
  • What is said of a multi Bjorn shields 14 (not yet known by how many sides, but with this front).
  • Ragnar therefore be seen aa a energumeno of cuidao. Besides a good profile, their inclusion in the army would give light and unity to be a weapon attack +1 and sidewalks .- For dates almost certainly be the codex of October and will be presented in all the news English Games Day which falls on those dates.

New Rumors -
  • There is a new special character in the GW trade order for $41.25 - Canis Wolfborn. He is supposedly riding a giant wolf that is bigger than a Juggernaught.
  • Lightning Claws are now Wolf Claws - you can pick to re-roll to hit or to wound
  • Njal Stormcaller is back
  • As is Bjorn
  • New plastic upgrade sprue a la Dark Angels
  • Early October release date
  • Supposedly no more Frost Blades. Replaced with Relic Blades
Older Rumors -

  • If drop pods are taken, the whole army must take them.
  • Bjorn the Fellhanded has AV14 on all sides, better stats.
  • There is some mad Wulfen character, who has his own personal drop pod. He can choose who he fights in combat, like a challenge in WFB. No-one else can fight him apart from the person he's attacking, unless said model is killed, in which case his squad can then attack him.
  • All rules for Named Characters have been rebuffed - all of them can take terminator armour for +50 points. All Named Characters models are getting re-done, if not for the actual release than in subsequent releases.
  • Any character can take terminator armour for 50pts, which includes weapons.
  • Runic weapons I believe function as Relic blades, but with something else quite snazzy.
  • Wolf Guard (in terminator armour) with lightning claws rack up 6 attacks on the charge each. A very broken thing to do (think this ill be omitted from the final codex) is put them with Ragnar Blackmane, who gives them Fleet of foot and rending, though dont quote me on rending.
  • Wolf guard in terminator armour with lightning claws are costing 60 points.
  • Individual Wolf Guard can replace squad leaders - all should look individual.
  • No model in the SW codex at all has the option to take a thunderhammer and storm shield.
  • Wolf Scouts won't be troops.
  • Wulfen are back in and TH SS combo isn't an entry, I believe.
  • Wolf Guard as squad leaders are going to be very individual - they're encouraging players to model each like a "captain" if you will - very individual - a veteran - personal trophies and the like.
  • From the recent space marine models (barring Hestan) they are shaping up to be very nice. Complete overhaul - as it should be. Blackmane is getting redone as is Logan Grimnar and Ulrik the Slayer as well.

Sources -

It looks like a few of the new rumors go along with the older ones quite well. Hopefully, there will be some more juicy bits come out before October. Maybe we will even get a sneak peak of some new models at the next Games Day