Review - Micros Sol and Micro Set

In working on my Mechanicus army I decided that I wanted to do some decals on the shoulder pads and vehicles. I had tried this before with some Black Templars I was messing around with and I just didn't like the results. One product that kept popping up whenever people were seriously talking about declas was Micro Sol and Micro Set. I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a bottle of each and try my luck with it.

Let me tell you. This stuff is like night and day when working with decals. If you have heard people talking about it and are skeptical take my word for it - it really is that good.

In this picture you can see the decal I put on the shoulder pad of my marine. It isn't too impressive just looking at it but the application is what really stood out.

This stuff is a two part system. You put down a layer of the Micro Set to the area you are going to affix the decal to. This stuff is basically a decal glue. It helps the model stick and stay stuck.

Once you put the decal on the model let it sit for just a second and then use a soft brush to put a pretty good layer of the Micro Sol over it. What Micro Sol does it basically 'melt' the decal. Oh crap! you think. I don't want it to melt! Wrong.

When the decal 'melts' it gets really soft. What this lets you do is push the decal down onto curved or irregular surfaces crazy easy. They say it is possible to get the decal too soft and tear it but I didn't run into that and I used too much Micro Sol and am very heavy handed.

I was super impressed at putting down the decals on the shoulder pads. They went on really smooth and easy. The last time I messed with decals I just cussed them up one side and down the other. Using this product actually made it enjoyable.


What REALLY sold me on this stuff was when I decided to put a larger icon on the cloak of my Librarian.

Check this out -

This was no harder to do than putting the decals on the shoulder pads. In all honesty it was probably easier. I had a bigger area to work with and the grooves in the cloak helped hold the icon in place.

If you are doing any decals at all on your models you really owe it to yourself to pick up a set of this stuff. At the cost (about $3 a bottle) you really should pick some up even if you arent doing decals. You never know when you might want to try it out and this stuff will make you successful.

Here is the shop that I ordered it from. It is through Amazon so that makes it easy. I found this link on BOLS and they got the stuff to me in a hurry.

Also, here is another link from BOLS that has a nice tutorial on making custom decals and using Micro Sol and Micro Set. It is actually the one that I read when I was working on this project.