Games Day Chicago Rumors

Well it looks like we are starting to hear rumors from Chicago Games Day. Couple of promising bits from over at The Miniatures Wargaming Union -
  • Chaos Dwarves are getting an update
  • The Imperial Guard will be moving towards all plastic
  • This includes some of the various regiments
  • Chaos Legions is being worked on - but very slowly
  • Necrons are closer to release than the Chaos Legions
  • More Super Heavy Tanks are on the way
  • There was some Adeptus Mechanicus concept art

From over at Bell of Lost Souls we get these tidbits -
  • Trenches and rivers for the Realms of Battle board have been mentioned.
  • In an embrace of tech-marketing, GW will hire an tech guy to help produce regular podcasts, similar to the ones which came out with the launch of 40k 5th Edition.
Just saw these at Heresy-Online -
  • Dark Eldar are in the works, as are the Inquisition and Sisters of Battle (supposedly as seperate entities.)
  • Plastic models for the Hydra, Manticore, and Stormtroopers are slated for Imperial Guard wave 3 releases
  • The new Citadel Brushes are IDENTICAL to the previous brushes in every way except the color of the handle.
  • There are plans for a War of the Ring starter box
  • There are no plans to continue to develop Lord of the Rings as a skirmish game
  • Space Hulk- According to a conversation I overheard, GWS has no open plans about Space Hulk. The staffer in question could "neither confirm nor deny" that anything was being done with it. Take that how you will.

I'm sure we will see a few more rumors come out of this event but these are the big ones for now. I pretty stoked about the Warhammer 40k Chaos Legions and Necrons so hopefully those aren't too far out.