Wife Tactica #1: Too Much of a Good Thing (Or What Came in the Mail Today)

Today when I got home from teaching all day I was quite pleased to check the mail and see that my 2nd valkyrie model had arrived. I scooped it out of the mailbox and scampered inside to check to see that all was accounted for. I greeted my daughter at the door (Shes one and a half and has learned to greet her daddy with hugs, and this is far better than any model I could get out of the mail.) and then noticed my wifes scowl standing behind her, eyeing the package in my hand. It was at this moment that I noticed a second larger brown package sitting on our dining room table that she had already received. She really didn't say too much, but I could tell she was wondering how much money I had spent this time. I could also tell that this instant was being filed away deep in the recesses of her brain for her to recall at a moments notice later - probably the next time I needed glue, paints, new brushes or etc. Or the next time I wanted to go to a tournament and she wanted me to do something else not associated with gaming or 40k.

Hot Tip #1: Buy stuff in increments and don't blow your cover. It was folly on my part to have so much arrive on the same day. Actually it was folly on those chaps from Forge World to put my Hydras on backorder and send them out on the exact same day my valkyrie would arrive. Maybe I should write them a letter.......

Anyway here is the mess that came in the mail today. This will keep me busy for quite some time: