Sometimes it just doesn't work out - My Daemonettes

When the new Chaos Daemon models came out last year I picked up a box of Bloodletters and a Box of Daemonettes. After a bit of work I finally finished my Daemonettes. In that time I have painted my entire Daemon army and half of a Warhammer 40k Ork army. For some reason I just could not bring myself to finish painting these models.

It wasn't that I didn't like the models, I just couldn't make them look good.

I made several mistakes with these guys. The first was priming black. I know, I know - I usually prime EVERYTHING black. The colors I wanted to use on these guys just don't want to work with a black undercoat. To try and get around this I painted over the areas I wanted to be lighter with Dheneb Stone. This caused my second problem in that I put it on a bit too thick to cover up the black in one coat.

Next I applied a layer of purple wash over it to do the skin. This technique works really well on white primer. It is more dry and less slick than Dheneb stone, it just doesn't look good to me.

This left me with armor and cloth sections that were black. I tried using gold to do these areas but my gold was a bit thick. This had been great for the edge trim on Space Marines, but Daemonettes are dainty and have many fine little areas. It just wasn't going to work out.

In the end I just slapped some pink edging on the black, dotted the eyes, and said screw it. I had enough of this batch of models and I declared them done.

Right now I am looking forward to buying my next box of these guys. I am going to use white primer with purple wash as the base coat and use a nice fresh chainmail or mithril for the metallics. I am expecting much better results and can't wait to give it a shot.