Was Space Hulk Really That Good?

Space Hulk is in the pipes for release. So if you follow any message boards you have probably hear the cries of adulation in regards to the old and long out of print Space Hulk. Here is my question - Was it really that great of a game?

I am a long time gamer and I was around and lucky enough to play GW's Talisman and Warhammer Quest in my youth. As I reflected on those games I always remembered them as being simply awesome and in a league all their own. However, a few years back I was fortunate enough to get my hands on copies of both of them and I was, shall we say.... disappointed as I played them again. The games simply didn't stack up as I remembered them. They were lacking depth and were rather stagnant in play. Why did I remember them as being so fabulous? Maybe because I was young? Maybe because my palate for games had not yet fully developed? Maybe because I had shelled out a lot of cash for them as a youngster? Regardless, they certainly weren't as I remembered them.

So here I am wondering - Is Space Hulk going to be more of the same? Is this a game everyone remembers from their youths as being great to only later turn out as bleh? Are the tiny corridors mixed with gene stealers and terminators (rather one dimensional it seems to me) going to make for a game everyone will love? Or is this nostalgia and simply fond memories?