Nurgle Sould Grinder Conversion

I recently picked up a pair of Soul Grinders for my Chaos Daemons. I needed a bit of ranged anti-tank punch and I think these guys are going to do me up right.

Since I had two identical models I decided to do a bit of conversion work on one of them. Since my favorite Chaos faction is Nurgle I decided to model up a Nurgle Soul Grinder.

The first thing I did was hollow out the forehead and add in an eye from a Chaos Spawn. Nothing says Nurgle like one eye. I then lopped off the two horns coming off the side of the head and repurposed one of them as a single horn.

To fill in the spots where I lobbed off the horns I ran some guitar wire to the back of the model where the smoke stacks usually go. I then filled in my gaps with green stuff (not pictured) and let it all set up for painting.

I didn't go too Nurgle crazy on this guy but I think it is ok. This is a more subtle conversion and I think it looks pretty slick.