Vallejo Squid Pink - Is it really the same as GW Tentacle Pink?

I have long read on the internet that Vallejo's colors closely match Games Workshop's.

As far as color goes this stuff is spot on. The big difference is consistency. I am able to paint over black primer with a thick coat of Tentacle Pink. Using Squid Pink in this manner is a big no-go. This stuff is like water it is so thin. I have shaken my bottle into submission thinking that maybe it had just settled weird but it is still very watery. Has anyone else ran into this or did I just get an odd batch?

The differnece in consistency really hurts this product for me. I like to be able to put down a thick line of pink over dark colors to make it really pop. That just isn't possible with Squid Pink. For me my best be it is to use the Squid Pink to water down my Tentacle Pink to get as much life out of it as I can.