One of my favorite models - Huron Blackheart

I just love the Huron Blackheart model. The pose just does it for me. I usually don't use named characters in games (aside from unit upgrade characters in my Chaos Daemons). There was a painting competition at the local Hobby Town a while back and I picked up this guy to paint since I have loved the model ever since I started painting.

I painted him up the standard way - prime black, foundation red, gold trim, and then a nice coat of Badab Black wash. After that I wanted to do something a bit special on his power fist. I used several layers of red and orange to build up to yellow tips on it. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I have used this guy in a few games. He is 50/50 for me. Either he murders stuff with reckless abandon, or he gets insta killed by a dreadnaught or some loyalist with a powerfist.

Such is the life of a famous Chaos Lord.