Slug-Naught - The Painting

In my last post on this topic I took you through what I did to get my Slug-Naught modeled up. In this post I will show you how the painting is coming along.

Once I had all put together I primed the model black. Over that I used my airbrush and put down a fairly thick layer of Bleached Bone/Dheneb Stone cut with about 60-70% alcohol. I used the mix of colors and went heavy on the alcohol because I usually have trouble airbrushing the Foundation paints. This mix worked pretty nice.

Once the model was dry it was time to start filling in the details. For the larger flat areas I used Catachan Green. I used this same color on my earlier converted Death Guard Dreadnaught to pretty good effect.

Once I had that done I added some worn edges and paint chips using Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal. I painted up the Multimelta and Bolter using the same technique.

Now it was time for the meat and potatoes of this model - the slime and slug body.

For this part I just went crazy with greens and browns and yellows. I would pick a color, water it down like crazy, and sloppily throw it on. After four or five layers of yellow, green, and brown I was satisfied.

I left my camera at work so I used my iPhone to take this pic. Not the best I know.

The slime was a lot brighter and more yellow that what I was wanting but this ended up working out for the best since when I put on my final wash it REALLY darkened up the model.

Next post I will show you the finished model and you can decide if I pulled it off or not.